Your own personal and unique jewel, thanks to 3D printing!

To create your jewel:
  1. Select the size
  2. Enter both your names
  3. Generate the custom jewel
  4. Pick your material
  5. Order it!
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Starting from:
  1. Colored nylon = 9.23€*
  2. Brass = 65.99€*
  3. Silver = 88.36€*
A great idea for a mother's day gift!
Digital meets craft thanks to 3D printing…
A unique piece of jewelery made just for you,
which you can wear as pendant or why not as a keyring
Add some color to today's
Grey, black or white
for stylishness…
Silver and brass
for a more precious jewel
Colored Nylon
Flashy colors
for a casual style!
Bright and shiny
around your neck
925 sterling silver
for a gift which goes
straight to your heart
A Pendant
A Necklace
A Keyring