1) What is love.by.me?

A heart-shaped piece of jewelry inspired by you and made just for you.

Each piece is unique — its shapes and curves brought to life thanks to 3D-printing. This innovative technology significantly improves production speed and is a perfect fit for custom-made objects and jewelry. Simply put, it delivers artisan-quality results through high-tech efficiency and precision.

2) Who is it for?

love.by.me is a conceptual piece of jewelry made with two names. You pick the names, whether yours and your significant other's, your kids or parents or anyone important to you.

This piece of jewelry is about the people who matter to you, so it's only fitting to gift it to them on special occasions such as Valentine's days, engagements, weddings or birthdays.

3) How am I supposed to wear it?

As a pendant or a key-ring, a decoration for your handbag or phone…

It's yours, so you get to choose how to wear it!

4) What is 3D-printing?

3D-printing is a process through which a virtual object (designed on a computer) is brought to life by depositing layers of material on a surface until the object takes shape.

Because this process doesn't require building a manufacturing mold for each unique heart, it drives down production time and price for custom-made objects.

3D-printing is provided by our partner Sculpteo.

5) How is it possible?

The 3D shapes are generated on our 3DEXPERIENCE platform with the help of CATIA Design, an industry-strength modeler.

Young designer Benoit Ravez came up with the original design, complete with user-defined parameters: the names you input are sent from the website to the servers, where they are interpreted by CATIA.

Once you've previewed and validated the generated shape, it is sent to our partner's own platform and added to the production queue.

6) How durable is my 3D heart?

Your 3D heart is pretty durable, and some of us have been carrying the nylon version in their pocket for over a year … and the silver and brass versions are even stronger.

Just don't push it too far.

7) How do I go about creating my heart?

  1. Enter the names (or nicknames!) in the "Create" form below the 3D preview
  2. Select a size immediately on the left (22.5mm or 35mm)
  3. Click the "Generate" button to start the generation. It should take 30 to 40 seconds
  4. Once the preview is updated with your personal unique heart, click the "Material" button to pick the material (nylon, brass or silver) and have access to the order form

8) What names can I type in?

To ensure printability and readability, we have limited the number of letters to 12 for the top name and 10 for the bottom name. For best results, keep the longest name at the top.

Capital letters are allowed, so feel free to try different options!

9) What means of payment do you offer?

Payment is handled by our partner Sculpteo.

Once you have set up your personal heart (names, size, material), you will be prompted with the payment screen, where you can pay by credit card, PayPal or Sculpteo coupon. The process is entirely secured.

10) Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, we ship to anywhere in the world (to your home, workplace, etc).

11) When can I expect my delivery?

It takes some time to produce, polish and check. Exact production and shipping times depend on the material you picked.

On average, starting with the completion of your order, expect your delivery after:

  • 7 days for the nylon version
  • Up to 3 weeks for the silver and brass versions

In any case, an estimated date is indicated when completing your order. If delays occur, you will be notified via email.

12) What's the price?

Price depends on the amount of material used. As a result, the size and the material you pick influence the price.

Once you have previewed and validated the shape, the Sculpteo overlay opens up and displays the exact price. To give you an idea, here are the prices for a 22.5mm Céline & Lucas heart:

  • Colored nylon = 9.23€
  • Brass = 65.99€
  • Silver = 88.36€

Prices don't include shipping, which should be about 6€.

13) What's the order workflow ?

The love.by.me website allows you to select the name and the size of the jewel. It's based on these information that the love.by.me servers generate the heart.

You will then be redirected to the Sculpteo website in order to choose your material and your color and to proceed to the order itself. Sculpteo is in charge of producing and shipping the heart.

You can find Sculpteo's Terms & Conditions here.